Frequently asked questions

​Can I open my car windows straight away after installation?

We recommend that you allow 48 hours before opening windows. This is to allow the film to dry and gives the adhesive time to cure.

​Does the film affect the rear window defroster of my car?

No, the film does not affect the element.​

Does the tint bubble up after time?

No, we only use the highest quality films and fit them professionally. The adhesives are designed to withstand extreme temperatures.
Bubbles appear from poorer quality film adhesives breaking down.​

​Do you fit the film to the rear window of my car in one piece?

Yes, all rear hatch & saloon windows are fitted with one piece of tint, skill-fully heat shrunk to shape.​

I've seen lots of tinted vehicles close up with creases and bubbles everywhere, will my windows look like that?

No, your windows will look perfect for as long as you own your vehicle.​

​When I come to sell my vehicle, can the film be removed at all?

Yes, all of our films can be removed cleanly after many years.​

Do my vehicle windows have to be clean prior to arrival?

No. But, we do need to know if you think your vehicle has been tinted before, or you've tried to tint it yourself, possibly leaving un-noticed adhesive on the windows which then can incur an additional costs to remove and clean ready for your new installation. Worst-case scenario, we would need to view your vehicle first.

I've noticed a few scratches on the outside of the glass, now that my vehicle has been tinted where have they come from?

On clear glass you wouldn't notice existing glass scratches.
Window films reflect more light from the vehicle, so if your windows are slightly marked, the films will show them up more.​

​What can I keep my windows clean with?

Any glass cleaner as long as it doesn't contain ammonia.​

Do you offer a guarantee with your work?

Yes, we guarantee the film for as long as you own your vehicle or for 10 years in home installations against any material defect.​

Can I tint my front windscreen?

No, we do not fit films to any vehicle windscreens unless there is a medical exemption. Sun strips can be applied to the top of your windscreen as long as they do not obstruct your vision in any way.​

Will window film help in preventing fading?

Yes. Window film blocks out ultra violet rays, visible light and heat. It virtually eliminates all fading.​

Will window film help with air conditioning bills?

Yes. Window film is the fastest payback of any building product you can put in a house or building, providing you have windows. Window film can cut out up to two thirds of the heat load of your air conditioner, thus cutting down on the run time, the amount of heat that has to be overcome, reduces utility bills and adds years to the life of your air conditioner.​

What is Mersey Tints Business?

We are in the business to solve problems that arise when glass is tinted in hoes and vehicles. window film is the only solution to heat, glare, fading, safety and comfort still allowing you to use your windows for their intended purpose which is to let ight in and for you to see out.

How long does the tinting last?

Our installations are backed by a 10 year factory warranty.​

​How do security films work?

Security films work in the same manner as window films work, except they are much thicker. When glass without film applied is broken it has no support and can fall completely out.
This is a major fault as far as security and safety. When any window film is applied, it bonds to windows and prevents it from separating easily. window film comes in various thicknesses. Window security films can either eliminate entry or considerably slow intruders down so police response from alarms can work. Without window films, an intruder can break and enter through a window, grab a computer and be out the window in 15-seconds.

​Will it affect my GPS?

No, your GPS will work as it did before installation.​

​​Can you do the work at my home/ place of work?

We work from purpose built premises, with a controlled environment. This enables us to carry out your installation to the highest quality. We offer a guarantee for the life that you own the car for your piece of mind.