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Residential Window Tinting

The True Alternative To Expensive over priced Blinds!


Help keep your property Safe & Secure


Help keep the house cool in the Summer.


Our work is covered by 5 STAR MONEY BACK GUARENTEE

All of our installations are backed by our 5-Star Money-Back GUARANTEE which guarantees that the films will not crack, fade, peel or bubble..

for a period of 10 years (on internal applications) And every installation of our window film offers the following fantastic benefits:

■ Blocks 99% UV Rays
■ Blocks up to 78% of the heat
■ Blocks up to 77% of the glare
■ Creates Privacy
■ Provides Safety and Security by holding glass together in the event of an

   accident or attempted break-in
■ Saves you ££££'s on expensive blinds and heating bills.
■ Lasts for years
■ Reduces fading to furniture, carpet, upholstery, wooden flooring, artwork etc
■ Reduces heat loss in winter


Be Cool And Comfortable at Home

Nothing looks or feels better than your own conservatory but with the heat from the sun, we often find it too uncomfortable to use it to relax or just to watch TV because of glare on your screen.

Previously the answer was to spend endless £££'s on blinds which only partly solved the problem.

However Mersey Tints Have the answer while keeping 100% of your view.

Our films greatly reduce heat and glare and help eliminate fading of interiors.
It also provides privacy during the day, greatly increasing the enjoyment of your conservatory.
Not only that it is maintenance free!! You do nothing. It is always working, you don't even have to open or close it!!

Be Safe And Secure

Our films help to hold shattered glass windows together if broken, protecting you and others. It's quality installation means that it is also child and pet safe and makes it a lot harder for unwanted visitors to gain access. There is nothing to pull down or get tangled in!!
Our films can be used on almost any flat glass, as mentioned part of our work is on conservatories, but the film is also perfect for:-

  •    - PATIO DOORS
  •    - PORCHES
  •    - SKYLIGHTS
  •    - EVEN BOATS!!

The list is endless...​

If you have any queries please don't hesitate to get in touch.


We Cover the merseyside area which includes these areas:


St Helens - Kirkby - Rainford - Crank - Ashton-in-Makerfield -Huyton - Prescot - Bootle - Litherland - Cosby - Formby - Maghull - Knowsley - Roby- Halewood - Collins Green - Haydock - Newton - Newton Le Willows - Orrell - Skelmersdale - Ormsirk - Billinge - Golbourne - Warrington - Widnes - Runcorn - Burtonwood - Clock face - Sutton manor - Parr - Eccleston - Sutton Leach - westbrook - Winwick -  padgae - woolston - Risley - Wigan